Enterprise data services

A business’s most critical asset is its data. As a result, ensuring some form of data management of the information shared between the numerous applications, systems and services within the enterprise is crucial. Only through reliable data management services can organizations truly understand the power of what can be done with their data. Increasingly competitive marketplaces pose a challenge — as well as an opportunity —for organizations across verticals to extract meaningful information from structured as well as unstructured data in their information ecosystem. Organizations also need to make timely business decisions from that information. Analytics, therefore, has become an integral part of many organizations’ business plans.

Internet leased line (ILL)

Enjoy dedicated internet connection, let your business be connected to opportunities with enterprise grade internet leased lines. Today’s business increasingly relies on internet applications and network, to communicate and collaborate. We offer a high performance, dedicated internet connection, which gives you an individual, permanently assigned, uncontested connection or ‘port’. It is an ideal solution for businesses that require dedicated internet access with 24x7 support.

• Carrier grade connectivity
• iPV6 ready
• End to end Service Level Agreement
Our state-of-the art solution delivers reliable and cost effective internet service for your business.
It is available with a range of speed and usage options, which you may choose from basis to suite the objectives of your organization.

Features & Business Benefits

• Speed: High-speed internet connections up to 1 Gbps with Ethernet Last Mile
• Future readiness: Future-proof internet connectivity with iPV6 readiness
• Carrier grade connectivity : Connection to one of the largest internet service providers in India, which means you avoid congestion and configuration issues for better performance
• End-to-end service level agreements : Round the clock customer support,guaranteed performance on latency, uptime and packet loss
• User friendly web base tool for performance management and monitoring
• Reach: Wide spread Last Mile coverage to reach your offices across the country

Leased line (LL)

Dedicated, reliable, point-to-point connectivity for voice, data video and more. In this technologically advanced industry, small and medium enterprises find themselves greatly dependent on communication. More importantly, it’s about access to reliable information that will offer the organizations the edge. With the advent of diverse technologies and globalisation, the bridge to communication has been restored due to the steadfast inter-connection between enterprises with leased lines.

Feature Standard Leased Line Premium Leased Line Platinum Leased Line
Type of Service Standard Premium Platinum
Speed Bandwidth between 2 Mbps and 622 Mbps Bandwidth between 2 Mbps and 10 Gbps Bandwidth between 2 Mbps and 10 Gbps
Uptime 98.00% 99.50% 99.90%
Application Usage More suited to run Data applications Best suited for converged application environment - Data,Voice (CUG) and Audio/Video Conferencing applications Business Critical applications and real time interactive applications
Business Continuity Data transfer Virtually uninterrupted access to a failure resistant environment In live environment scenario, rich content data is available at real time
Reliability Reliable service Real time restoration of circuit with self healing network Multi-home protected network for Rapid Data Delivery


MPLS VPN Businesses of all types and sizes are facing the challenge of integrating data, voice, and video traffic in easily managed, scalable, economical, and flexible networks. Multi-protocol based Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have emerged as a fundamental solution for meeting this challenge and businesses are now looking to service providers for value-added, cost-effective VPN services. By outsourcing VPNs to a service provider, businesses gain the advantages of reduced capital and personnel costs, simpler network management, and “pay-as-you-grow” scalability. Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) with L3 (Layer 3) and L2 (Layer 2) VPN services bring down your company’s overhead costs, increases reliability, scalability and ensures security.

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