Enterprise voice services

Infracom offers customers a solution for deploying a secure, business quality VoIP solution, while realising real cost savings. The product offers, flexible connectivity, a migration path for customers with legacy equipment, Conferencing and fully hosted telephone extensions (virtual office). Low Cost-With VOIP minutes you can reduce your international calling cost up to 80%. VOIP also allows your remotely located employees to communicate cost effectively. Cost effective mode of business communication: VOIP or Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (IP) is a method of carrying voice signals over the internet using IP instead of PSTN networks, thus, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency.

RI , Wireline

Primary Rate Interface (PRI) is a service that enables connection of up to 30 voice channels to an enterprise EPABX on a single line. Each channel can be configured for incoming, outgoing or both functionalities.

• Direct line to each user via Direct Inward Dialing (DID), and Direct Outward Dialing (DOD)
• Caller ID extension wise billing to provide the user with the capability to track usage on each PBX extension and control the cost

SIP trunk, Wireline

SIP Trunk is an IP based PSTN Telephony Service that can support 20 to 1500 voice channels over a single link, in a scalable manner. Unlike in traditional telephony, where bundles of physical wires are being delivered from the service provider to a customer, SIP trunk allows a company to replace these traditional fixed PSTN lines with single physical connectivity from the service provider network. Enterprise with installed IP-PBX can connect SIP trunk and continue to communicate with their employees and customers over IP

1500 channels in one single link
• Saves on Capex
• Scalable as per increasing bandwidth

SIP Trunk Features

• PSTN Dialing: Both direct outward dialing and direct inward dialing features are available on SIP Trunk
• Number Plan: Both normal and telemarketer (140XXX) numbers are available on SIP Trunk
• Local Pooling on SIP Trunk: Pooling of Free Call Value (FCV) is now available on SIP Trunk for optimizing your free call usage
• Service Availability: SIP Trunk service is available in Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Karnataka, ROM, Mumbai, Kolkata, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Kerala

Technical Specifications

• The SIP Trunks will be delivered through Tata Docomo Business Services’ state-of-the-art Class 5 NGN switches
• Minimum 20 channels have to be subscribed by customer. This can scale up to 1500 on the same physical link
• Upgradation/downgradation of channels shall be as per the defined channel slabs only
• By default, bandwidth sizing shall be done considering G.711 codec
• SIP Trunk is offered in “USER Mode” so CPE has to be registered with Tata Docomo Business Services SBC

Wireless EPABX

This unique product that makes your business free of wires and free of hassles. Available with up to 32 direct lines and the option of setting it up anywhere you want, it is perfect for you to instantly start your business, and your growth. Features:

• Direct Inward and Direct Outward Dialing for caller and user convenience
• 8 Port Auto attendant for customized voice greetings
• Routing predefined incoming numbers to designated extensions automatically
• Inbuilt Voice Help for user guidance and application operation
• Customizable Music on hold for recording corporate jingles or advertisement
• Now Wireless EPABX available with in-built CRM

Wireless EPABX CRM

Wireless EPABX comes bundled with CRM. It allows the company to maintain call records, keep a tab on telecommunications expenses and enhances customer experience with quick responses to their queries. WEPABX CRM Features:
• Know who is calling you even before the call lands at your extension
• Greet your customers by name even before they say hello
• Know exactly when the last call was made or received from the calling number
• Answer most of the customer queries even without knowing the background details
• Get details of all calls missed or not attended to in your organization
• Know your approximate telephone charges, be it on per call, daily or monthly basis, even before you receive your bill

Insta CC Hosted contact center

Insta CC, an on demand Hosted Contact Center Solution that provides you with a unified, scalable and managed portfolio of contact center applications. With only minimal upfront investment, you can deploy next-generation contact center capabilities using the Insta CC platform. Insta CC Gives you

• Zero capital expenditure – pay-as-you-go tariff model
• Distributed and location-independent implementation
• Scalable, reliable and secure service
• Flexible and quick capacity adjustment
• Next-generation contact center capabilities
• Reduced need for in-house technical skill sets

Agent and supervisor interface

• Interface integrates voice, chat, email, and web co-browsing
• Silent monitoring, whisper and barge-in

Cost-effective IP connectivity

• Supports multi-site routing
• Supports work-from-home agents and remote supervisor

Next generation features

• Multiple, simultaneous campaigns and lead management
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system
• Automatic call distribution, predictive dialing and real time and historical reports
• Call Recording and Quality Monitoring
• Supports integration with third party business applications
• Do Not Call (DNC) management

Managed VOIP

Managed Voice over IP (MVoIP) is an end to end managed and cost-effective internet based voice solution. It features a robust and scalable VoIP technology that provides premium quality of voice for international calls.

• Affordable, premium quality international calling via the internet
• Voice expertise and India’s largest IP network in India, ensuring maximum throughput within India and direct routes to the rest of the world
• Easily scalable architecture to accommodate future growth

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