Managed Services

Service providers are compelled to review their IT strategy in light of the revenue challenges and a mandate to retaining / improve operating margins. One of the possibilities is to adopt a managed services approach – a definite way to reduce operational costs. It is the practice of transferring day-to-day IT operations activities as a strategy to embark upon efficiency in operations in a cost-effective manner.
In the Networked Society, people depend on networks to help them connect with each other and improve their lives and businesses. In this new world, operators are under pressure to maintain quality of service, differentiate themselves from the competition and promote end-user loyalty. Operators can meet these challenges by entering into managed services partnerships with experts that assume responsibility for activities such as designing, building, operating and managing day-to-day network operations.

Data Center - colocation service

We bring you from world’s leading provider of shared infrastructure services. Businesses, instead of enduring the complexity and cash intensive process of designing, building, and managing a data center from the ground up, are opting for colocation services that offer outsourced solution to provide the flexibility needed to meet growing business demands without increasing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

State-of-art facilities

• Compliance with global and industry standards like ISO 20000, 27001, 14001, SAS 70, and Tier-3 specifications and per stringent Level-3 specifications of TIA 942
• Power availability through multiple layers of redundancy and backup, ensuring customer’s infrastructure is always available
• Network availability as customers leverage state-of-the-art data center network features including raised floors
• 24X7X365 monitoring and management ensuring optimum performance
• Status and event logs to view threshold levels and to prevent system outages and failures
• Highly trained experts to deliver remote hands support


Mission critical operations require the highest level of security. As a top-tier colocation services provider, our data centers deliver multilevel physical security through a combination of secure access and 24X7 surveillance.

Maximum Availability

As an industry leader in delivering data center and colocation solutions, we strive for 100 percent uptime availability. Multiple layers of redundancy for backup power ensure the data center infrastructure is always available and secure. Customers also benefit from a redundant, high capacity network and guaranteed service levels.


Business expansion does not always occur as expected, making it costly to invest in infrastructure that will not be fully utilized. Colocation provides a fast and cost-effective way to quickly ramp up or ramp down, depending upon business growth.

Data center - InstaCompute

InstaCompute is a flexible, cost-effective IaaS solution that quickly provides the variable computing power required to meet changing business needs, exactly when needed. This solution is brought to you by Tata. Managed through a self-service Web portal that offers business-class controls and features, InstaCompute allows IT customers to dynamically add or remove virtual servers, storage capacity, and metered Internet connectivity. With pay-per-use pricing, advanced security, and guaranteed service levels, InstaCompute is the ideal solution for IT groups looking for ways to affordably add temporary computing assets to speed up product development, supplement hosting sites, or cover spikes in network traffic and application use.


• InstaCompute features automated, real-time service provisioning. Companies can provision requested computing resources within minutes of their online order, instantly accessing servers, storage, and Internet bandwidth to expand their pool of computing resources.
• Customers have access to their InstaCompute resources 24X7, 365 days of the year with no time limit or bandwidth restrictions.


• Instead of employing, training, and supporting a dedicated IT staff for a growing data centre, InstaCompute customers rely on our experienced engineers to manage day-to-day operations of their IaaS platform.
• With no long-term contracts, minimum spending requirements or termination fees, InstaCompute offers maximum benefit at a very low cost.


• Highly flexible security and cost controls allow a designated customer administrator to establish and govern service access, privileges, and resources by individual users and by multiple project groups.
• Provides the highest level of scalability, allowing companies to easily scale out (horizontally) by adding more CPUs across a load balancer for more processing power or scale up (vertically) by adding more CPU and RAM for powerhungry applications.

Managed Hosting

Ensure that you have complete control over yourcritical business data by choosingManaged Hosting Services. This highly secure,bundled offering is packaged exclusively forbusinesses and offers seamless performance with high reliability for your data and applications.

Benefits of Managed Hosting

• World-class secure Data Centre operations withphysical security, CCTV and a managedcaged environment
• Assurance of maximum data availability
• Operational excellence through industry bestpractices such as ITIL and eTOM, to improvecustomer service experience
• Lower total cost of ownership and a predictablecost model
• Flexibility and customisation to fulfill yourspecific business needs
• Advanced control and insights into your resourceutilisation with online reporting tools

Your business gains the advantage of

• No capital expenditure or hidden fees
• Tier-3 Data Centre infrastructure in key geographies
• Complete 24x7 supports through a specialized Managed Security Operation Centre (MSOC)
• High-speed connectivity with Gigabit backbones
• Customisable Plans that enable you to modify your server specifications, bandwidth or Managed Services
• Dedicated Account Representatives
• Unmatched industry credentials
• World-class Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

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